Lindsay Lohan turned down a date with 50 Cent - because she has a crush on Eminem.

The sexy actress claims the rapper tried to get her number from her publicist after watching her in teen comedy 'Mean Girls'.However, Lohan refused the star's romantic advances because she wants to hook-up with 50's mentor Eminem.She said: "50 called my agent for my number.I was freaking out! The first thing I thought was, 'Where's Eminem? I'm in love with him'".The pretty star says 50 isn't the only hip-hop star lusting after her.Lohan, 19, claims both PDiddy and music mogul Damon Dash have asked her out on dates.She told America's New York Post newspaper: "Black guys love me Damon Dash, P Diddy I don't know why".

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