LINDSAY LOHAN's jailed father has spoken out about his daughter's severe New Year's asthma attack, confessing that one relative died after such a health crisis. The teen singer/actress was taken to hospital in Miami, Florida on 2 January (06) suffering from breathing problems. Doctors discovered she had broken a blood vessel in her neck during her asthma attack and kept her under observation for three days. And MICHAEL LOHAN, who is serving time in upstate New York's Collins Correctional Facility on a variety of charges, admits his heart skipped a beat when he heard of his daughter's medical emergency. He says, "Asthma has been a serious problem for her since she was three. She almost died from it when she was five, and one of her cousins died from it at 27." Speaking exclusively from behind bars to America's Star magazine, Michael has again voiced his concerns about his daughter's partying ways. He adds, "I'm very concerned for Lindsay. I'm hearing all these rumours about her partying too much." Michael was criticised for making similar comments when his daughter was hospitalised with exhaustion in 2004. The MEAN GIRLS star was partying in Miami over the New Year holiday.

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