PRESLEY'S FEARS FOR DEAD SNAPPERSRocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY pities the photographers who hound celebrities - because they will be punished in the "next lifetime".The singer understands the importance of the media in terms of its coverage of serious news, but she refuses to accept the endless quantity of manufactured showbiz stories and privacy-invading photos that dominate newspaper pages.And Presley fears the crimes of the paparazzi will not go unnoticed in the afterlife.She says, "Well, there's got to be some kind of communication network to let people know what's happening in the world - that's fine and valid, we need that. But as far as the other stuff goes, it's the nature of the beast."I think they're out of control right now, more than I've ever been. If there is such a thing as life after death, I would hate to see what the paparazzi would come back as in the next lifetime. I wouldn't want to be in their head and in their conscience."

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