Liv Tyler is reportedly desperate to strip off for a naked photo shoot - just months after giving birth to her first child. The 'Lord of the Rings' beauty, who gave birth to baby son Milo in December, is keen to bare all as she believes it will give her the motivation she needs to lose her extra pregnancy pounds. A source said: "Liv was concerned about the effect having a baby would have on her body. She reckons doing nude photos would give her an incentive to get her figure back into shape." Last year, it was revealed that Liv wanted to pose nude but her husband, rock star Royston Langdon, wasn't keen on the idea. Royson, who fronts British band Spacehog, reportedly wanted her to regain her perfect figure in a more conventional way and had even offered to draft in a top personal trainer to encourage her. Liv and Royston wed in March 2003 after a two-year engagement.

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