Lucy Liu was left red-faced when police were called to calm her down as she partied in Montreal.The sexy actress and 'Lucky Number Slevin' co-star Josh Hartnett were enjoying a rare night out while filming the hit movie when Liu jumped onto a table and started dancing.She was horrified when officers showed up and told her she was disturbing the peace.The 37-year-old is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I never go out when I am working but they said, 'Come on, just one time'."We were dancing on the tables and the Montreal police came."Earlier this year, Liu revealed she had a crush on Hartnett while they were shooting the film.The beautiful actress admitted it was hard not to lust after the heartthrob actor, who spends a lot of the film naked except for a towel maintaining his modesty.

She confessed: "Well, I mean it's hard not to find Josh attractive - he's an incredibly tall, big, strapping young man!"

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