'Home Alone' star Macaulay Culkin fled Israel to escape the rocket attacks by terrorist organisation Hezbollah.The former child star had been holidaying in Haifa with 'That '70s Show' actress Mila Kunis when the group attacked the city.Fearing his safety and the safety of Junis, Culkin decided the pair should leave the country immediately rather than risk their lives.However, Kunis was not happy with her friend's decision.She is quoted by the Jerusalem Post newspaper as saying: "He's a drama queen."It seems Culkin has no plans to return to Israel in the near future - as he was even frightened of the sea.According to the New York Post newspaper, on his way home, the actor was allegedly overheard telling a flight attendant: "We went to the beach and there were tons of jellyfish. So we figured that even the sea was dangerous."

Since fighting started in the region last Wednesday (12.07.06), after Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers, the death toll has reached 220 - 24 fatalities in Israel and 196 in Lebanon.

Haifa, which is one of the worst hit Israeli cities, is said to resemble a ghost town with residents taking the advice of the government and staying in their houses, while many have fled the city.

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