Madonna should be "beaten" for dressing as a nun at a fancy dress party, a leading US Catholic has claimed. The stunning singer, a former Catholic before she converted to Kabbalah, was spotted last Thursday (24.03.05) dressed as a holy sister with husband Guy Ritchie, who was sporting a priest outfit' The couple were going to a party to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim at London's Kabbalah Centre. But the stunt has provoked outrage from William Donahue, president of the American Catholic League, who claims the two stars should be beaten by a real life priest and nun for desecrating the scared attire just three days before Easter Sunday, the faith's most revered holiday. He is quoted by E Online as saying "They're trying to tweak Catholicism again by exploiting the Jewish holiday. "She needs to be beaten with a ruler by a real-life nun and he needs to paddled on his behind by a real-life priest." In a further tirade against the couple, Donahue described the 46-year-old singer as a "buffoon" and admitted he was astonished the pair would choose to wear such inappropriate costumes while Pope John Paul II, the head of the Catholic Church, was in such ill health. He added: "Madonna's such a buffoon that we come to expect it, but Ritchie is morally depraved and a jackass. It's particularly vulgar to dress up like that at a time when the pope is failing at his health."

However, the 46-year-old star's representative, Liz Rosenberg, has played down the incident insisting Madonna of her husband meant to disrespect Catholics.

She said: "No disrespect was intended. Madonna dreamed of becoming a nun when she was a little girl."

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