Madonna is opening a Kabbalah hotel. The star has bought a five-storey £1 6million London house which she will use as a hotel and drop-in centre for fellow followers of the bizarre sectMadonna, who has been a Kabbalah devotee for over 10 years, signed the deeds on the swanky West End property - which is just seconds from the home she shares with husband Guy Ritchie - two weeks agoHowever, nearby residents are outraged by Madonna's plans and are worried about the guests the sect - denounced by some rabbis as 'crackpot' - will attractOne resident told Britain's London Evening Standard newspaper: "Having a Kabbalah centre would be totally inappropriate It is a seriously manipulative sect which is very good at getting people's money, including Madonna's"Meanwhile, Madonna has launched her third children's book based on the Kabbalah teachingsWhen asked yesterday if she thought supporting the "brainwashed" group had damaged her career, the singer told America's NBC news: "Absolutely not I do know there's cynicism involved but I accept it because it's different People are always suspicious of new things"

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