MADONNA was rushed to hospital after falling off a horse while celebrating her 47th birthday yesterday (16AUG05).The RAY OF LIGHT singer broke her hand, collar bone and cracked three ribs in the accident which took place when she was celebrating her special day with husband GUY RITCHIE and children LOURDES and ROCCO.However, fears MADONNA had punctured lung were allayed when her spokesperson announced she would return home last night.But Madonna is unlikely to be able to sing or dance in the near future because her fractured ribs will make breathing painful for at least six weeks.The prolific chart-topper recently took up horse riding in a bid to get the most out of her country estate on England's Wiltshire-Devon border.Pop superstar was in a severe state of shock when she arrived at her local English hospital after suffering a shock horse riding accident.

A hospital source says, "Madonna's voice was shaking when she gave her name. She was wearing her riding gear and trembling.

"She was obviously in a lot of pain, but she was lucid. GUY (RITCHIE) arrived about ten minutes later looking very worried."

And now her injury has sparked concerns that she won't be able to tour once her dance album hits shelves in November (05).

Her spokeswoman LIZ ROSENBERG says, "It happened around 4pm London time. Madonna is pretty banged up...

"Her new disc is due this November and she is set to tour next summer. It's too soon to tell if the tour will be affected, but the press for the disc will definitely be affected."

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