Madonna is having gallons of her favourite beer shipped to her front door, after finding out that it's not available near her home in Wiltshire.The pop queen apparently fell in love with Timothy Taylor's Landlord bitter after drinking a pint in a pub in Soho, London. The singer had 72-pint firkins sent 275 miles from the brewery to her £9 million mansion at a price of £80 each. Timothy Taylor brewer boss Charles Dent, who sent the casks to the 'Like a Virgin Singer' from the brewery on West Yorkshire, said: "It's a jolly good beer and a lot of girls like it" Actor Hugh Grant is also a fan of the award winning beer, which as been brewed since 1858. Meanwhile Madonna Madonna has racked up a staggering £200 in car parking fines - because she makes her driver park illegally while she's in the gym.The pop diva is chauffeured to her plush London fitness centre twice a week, and allegedly makes her driver wait on a single yellow line while she works out.Traffic wardens first noticed the singer's car waiting for her in august last year - and since then they have caught the driver parked outside more than 50 times.

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