Madonna has hit out at Paris Hilton for being a Kabbalah hanger-on.The sexy singer, who is a devout follower of the mystical Jewish faith, claims the hotel heiress and other stars who dabble with the religion are damaging its credibility and she is sick of it. She fumed to Britain's Radio One: "People like Paris Hilton who come into a centre and buy a book or a band and that's it for them. It doesn't mean they study it"It's very hard to be a believer. I'm very serious about it"Since Madonna, and her husband Guy Ritchie, converted to the Kabbalah, a host of stars have followed in her footsteps and became involved with the religion.Britney Spears, who was introduced to the faith by the 'Hung Up' singer, Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher, Victoria Beckham and Elizabeth Jagger have all been associated with the religion.Earlier this week, Madonna defended her devotion to Kabbalah - claiming she would have sparked less controversy if she joined the Nazis.

The 47-year-old beauty says press reports of the mystical Jewish faith have left her fuming - and are based on ignorance. She said: "It would be less controversial if I joined the Nazi Party

"It's not hurting anybody 'What do you mean you study the Torah if you're not Jewish? What do you mean you pray to God and wear sexy clothes? We don't understand this' It frightens people So they try to denigrate it or trivialise it so that it makes more sense"

The star also revealed she gets upset when critics call the religion a 'cult' She said: "We're all in a cult. In this cult we're not encouraged to ask questions. And if we do ask questions, we aren't going to get a straight answer"

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