Madonna has admitted she only married husband Guy Ritchie to make her "look good".The pop superstar wed the English film director in December 2000 but now says she tied the knot with him for all the wrong reasons.She told Tatler: "I went into the marriage saying, 'He's fantastically talented,very witty, very smart. He's going to make me laugh and look good because he's so successful and, of course, he's gorgeous, sexy and handsome."However, the mum-of-two says she now realises what marriage is about and what makes one strong.She added: "But none of these things mean anything after you've been sharing a life together for a few years and you're dealing with raising children and scheduling and finances. You have to go back to what is the point of marriage."You go to school to learn how to learn and I think marriage is about learning to learn as well. Diane Sawyer once said to me that a good marriage is a contest of generosity - I thought that was a good thing to say."

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