Mariah Carey is set to star in a remake of 'Casino Royale'.The sexy singer has reportedly been lined up by producers to play the part of Vesper Lynd, made famous by Swiss actress Ursula Andress, in the new movie version of the 1967 Bond spoof. A source said: "It's a comedy so Mariah's going to be making fun of herself." This will not be the first time Mariah has attempted to get into movies, although her big-screen debut was not the success she was hoping for. The pop babe starred in 2001's 'Glitter', in which she played a young singer who is desperate to become a star and dates a DJ, who helps get her into the music business. However, the movie, which also starred British actor Max Beesley and Halle Berry's ex-husband, Eric Benet, was panned by the critics and was a box-office flop. Mariah also provided the soundtrack to the album, also named 'Glitter', and that also didn't enjoy the same success as her previous albums and she was soon dropped by her record label, Virgin.

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