Marlon Brando repeatedly turned down his most famous role in 'The Godfather - because he didn't want to glorify the Mafia.The late actor, who died last year, aged 80, initially refused director Francis Ford Coppola's requests for him to take the role as mob boss Don Corleone, because he didn't want to be associated with organised crime.According to top Hollywood writer Budd Schulberg, a close friend of the legendary actor, Brando would not even read the Mario Puzo book the screen play was based upon, and violently threw it back in an assistant's face when he was handed it for research.As he tossed the text away, Brando is alleged to have said: "It's about the Mafia. I won't glorify the Mafia."

Schulberg - who wrote the screenplay to the Brando classic 'On the Waterfront' - also revealed Coppola had a number of tense meetings with the iconic star to try and convince him to take the part.

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