Matt LeBlanc has been left devastated at the news his baby daughter is suffering from a rare brain disorder. The former 'Friends' star and wife Melissa McKnight are distraught after learning their beloved 11-month-old baby girl, Marina, is suffering from a form of dysplasia, a condition that can affect the brain, bones and motor skills. Matt's spokesman, Adam Issacs, said: "It's been a very difficult and sensitive time for Matt and Melissa." Marina is suffering from cortical dysplasia, which affects the left side of her brain and causes seizures. It has also affected her vocal cords and her ability to crawl and walk. A friend close to the couple, who married two years ago, told Britain's Reveal magazine: "It's serious. She's not crawling yet and when she tries, she falls on her left side. What breaks Matt and Melissa's hearts is that Marina can't tell them where it hurts, because she's still so young. Dealing with her illness has been very tough on them. They've got loads of books and information from doctors and they're just learning as they go."

However, Matt and Melissa - who has two children from a previous relationship - are hopeful their daughter can go on to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. The friend added: "Experts say there is plenty of hope for children with this condition. Matt and Melissa are staying strong for Marina.

"Right now they are just praying that everything goes OK with Marina. The condition can be treated - and Matt and Melissa have high hopes that Marina will have an active and fulfilling life."

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