Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson have reportedly been growing close while filming their latest movie together.The two stars are currently filming 'Fools Gold' together in Australia and are said to be getting on very well.A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "On their day off Matthew and Kate spent ten hours together, along with the cast and crew watching football on TV in a hotel bar."They came in at 6am and were there until 4pm. There was much yelling and leaping up and down."Another on-set source reveals it is not just Kate who Matthew has fallen for. Her three-year-old son Ryder has also won his heart.The source said: "He has fallen in love with Ryder and has even offered to babysit. He said he'd work for free."Kate is impressed by how fatherly Matthew is and believes he'll make a great dad someday."

Kate filed for divorce from her rocker husband Chris Robinson last year and was rumoured to be dating her 'You, Me and Dupree' co-star Owen Wilson.

Both Kate and Owen denied they were ever romantically involved.