Matthew McConaughey is teaching girlfriend Penelope Cruz to play the bongos - as a method of relaxation. The Hollywood heartthrob, who was once arrested for playing his drums too loudly, has encouraged his Spanish lover to take up the instrument to relieve her day-to-day stress. A friend of 'The Wedding Planner' star revealed: "Matthew is a bongo freak. He thinks playing them is a great stress therapy. "That's why he's teaching Pene. She's actually pretty good and even went off to film in Mexico with a drum in her luggage." Matthew's longstanding passion for the bongos is renowned - after police, following a noise complaint in 1999 from his neighbours, found him playing the drums in the nude. Meanwhile, the naked-loving handsome actor has confessed to chasing a ghost around his home. He says he freaked out when he saw what he thought was the spirit of a woman in his new Hollywood Hills mansion.

Matthew, who chased the ghost with a baseball bat,claims he has now made friends with the phantom, who he has named Madame Blue. He explained: "She's a cool ghost. Maybe being nude all the time is why we get along."