The tattooed wild child was spotted canoodling with the British singer at London's Umbaba nightclub on Friday night (12.08.05).An onlooker revealed to Britain's News of the World newspaper: "As the night went on they got closer and closer and by the end of it they were all over each other. They weren't going to be distracted by anything."At 19, Danny - whose hits include 'That Girl' and the Comic Relief charity song 'It's All About You' - is a year younger than 20-year-old Kelly.A McFly spokesman confirmed that Danny had been out with Ozzy Osbourne's daughter before, but refused to admit whether they were romancing.He told Britain's The People newspaper: "They've been out before. I don't know if he's seeing anyone right now."Just last month, Kelly launched an attack on her ex-boyfriend, The Used rocker Bert McCracken, who dumped her on Valentine's Day two years ago. Proving she is still hurt from the split, she fumed: "I hate to say this, and people might not agree, but he got such an ego after he dated me. I wasn't a human being to him - I was a celebrity."I was fun to hang out with, and he never had a bad time with me. But ask him what colour my eyes are. Ask what my birthday is. Ask him what my dreams are, and he couldn't tell you because he never knew me. He liked the idea of me buthe didn't like me."

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