Megan Fox is obsessed with ghostly British TV show 'Most Haunted'.The 'Transformers' star got hooked on the programme when she was in London shooting upcoming movie 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People', and admits she can't get enough of the spooky series.She said: "I'm absolutely obsessed with that show 'Most Haunted', and I love the host Yvette Fielding."Megan tried to persuade her 'How to Lose Friends...' co-star Simon Pegg to take her on one of London's famous ghost tours, but he refused.She said: "I wanted to go on the Jack the Ripper tour, but Simon wouldn't go with me, so I didn't go in the end."'Most Haunted' is a TV programme that investigates paranormal activity in locations through the UK. It is broadcast on Living TV in the UK, America's Travel Channel and the W Channel in Australia.

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