Forget Skinny Girls - Men Want Natural Curves, It’s Official

·Scarlett Johansson Pips Kelly Brook In Natural Beauty Poll
·Scarlett Grabs 20% Of Male Votes
·Jordan And Amy Childs Most Fake Celeb Beauties

Stick-Thin supermodels may look great on the catwalk but it’s curvy, natural-looking women that men really want, a new study has revealed.

While skinnies like Cheryl Cole may be in demand with fashion designers, the average man in the street would choose bigger, curvier girls every day of the week, the survey by Bionsen shows.

UK men think Scarlett Johansson is the most natural beauty and voted her the clear winner in a poll of most naturally beautiful celebrities. With top brands like Mango and Moet & Chandon champagne, scrambling to secure Scarlett as the face of their company, the natural beauty now pips the usual skinny model suspects the post.

A survey* of 2,050 Brits conducted by Bionsen - an aluminium and paraben free deodorant range which allows the body to stay fresh naturally - revealed that a fifth of UK men think Hollywood star Scarlett is the ultimate natural beauty.

Women agree too. In the female poll it was the curvier girls who also came out on top - pop star Beyonce and singer Kim Kardashian getting first and second place respectively, with Scarlett winning 7% of female votes.

Even Rihanna, the Barbados born singer, proves she’s got more natural beauty than your average stick-thin supermodel -  by beating Kate Moss to the ninth spot.

Pippa Middleton proves she’s a true natural beauty too. She polled at third position for men and fourth for women. However, Kelly Brook’s popularity differed among the sexes with men (10%) naming her more naturally beautiful than women (6%).

Proving curves are very much ‘on trend’, Welsh songstress Charlotte Church beat a bevy of slimmer beauties to claim fifth place in the men’s poll and flying the flag for the busty blondes, with 4% of votes, curvy Holly Willoughby came a respectable tenth position in the men’s top ten beauties.

Louise Fair, Senior Brand Manager for Bionsen, said: “Our findings reveal that being a natural beauty is about feeling more comfortable and more confident in your skin and not about cosmetic surgery and artificial beauty. It’s interesting to see how differently men and women perceive natural beauty.

“Bionsen contains a unique blend of Japanese Spa Minerals and promotes natural beauty by gently deodorising whilst allowing the body’s natural perspiration, so you can stay fresh naturally.”

And despite the price they pay for their beauty, it seems Brits just don’t see reality stars Amy Childs and Chantelle Houghten as natural enough, as they come in as the second and third most fake celebrities.

 Top Ten Natural Beauties
1.Scarlett Johansson 20%
2.Beyonce 8%
3.Pippa Middleton 7%
4.Kelly Brook 7%
5.Kim Kardashian 7%
6.Holly Willoughby 5%
7.Charlotte Church 5%
8.Duchess of Cambridge 5%
9.Rhianna 4%
10.Kate Moss 4%

 Top Ten According To Men:
1.Scarlett Johansson 20%
2.Kelly Brook 10%
3.Pippa Middleton 9%
4.Kim Kardashian 8%
5.Charlotte Church 5%
6.Beyonce 5%
7.Rhianna 5%
8.Duchess of Cambridge 5%
9.Lily Allen 4%
10.Holly Willoughby 4%

 Top Ten According To Women:
1.Beyonce 21%
2.Kim Kardashian 11%
3.Scarlett Johansson 9%
4.Pippa Middleton 7%
5.Holly Willoughby 6%
6.Kelly Brook 6%
7.Duchess of Cambridge 5%
8.Kate Moss 5%
9.Charlotte Church 5%
10.Lilly Allen 4%

Top Ten Most Fake Celebrities:
1. Katie Price (aka Jordan) 26%
2. Amy Childs (TOWIE) 20%
3. Chantelle Houghton 17%
4. Heidi Montague 11%
5. Nicola Maclean 8%
6. Jodie Marsh 7%
7. Imogen Thomas 4%
8. Caprice 3%
9. Jessica Wright (TOWIE) 2%
10. Dannii Minogue 1%