RECORD PRODUCER CALLED UP AS JACKSON KEY WITNESSA little-known record producer is set become the star of MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation case after coming forward with information that could prove the pop star was among the conspirators trying to silence a whole family.RUDY PROVINCIO has reportedly been listed among the prosecution's final witnesses, according to attorney and US news show producer HARVEY LEVIN, who has been monitoring the case since it began.Provincio will allegedly reveal that Jackson and his aides planned for his teenage accuser and his family to head off on a lengthy trip to Brazil after British journalist MARTIN BASHIR's scathing LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON documentary aired in 2003. A insider for the prosecution tells Levin's CELEBRITY JUSTICE show that Provincio will testify that Michael Jackson and the other co-conspirators talked about getting rid of the family by flying them off to Brazil on a one-way ticket.

Levin says, "The idea was to go to Brazil and never hear from that family again, and that is what Provincio will say."

In other news from the Michael Jackson court case, Prosecutors in MICHAEL JACKSON's child molestation trial are hoping to close their case by the end of this week (ends29APR05) because they are running out of witnesses.

Judge RODNEY MELVILLE recently barred the prosecution from calling a domestic violence expert to testify that JANET ARVIZO, the accuser's mother, lied under oath because her state of mind had been disturbed after numerous beatings at the hands of her ex-husband.

Melville also ruled out a testimony from Jackson's ex-employee KASSIM ABDOOL, leaving the prosecution no choice but to end the case on Friday when all of their witnesses have given evidence.

The final prosecution witnesses include CHRIS CARTER, a former security guard at the THRILLER star's Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara, California, and Jackson's ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE.

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