Michael Jackson is set to quit his Neverland home and move to Germany, it has been claimed. The eccentric singer is reportedly desperate to flee the US after the way he was treated during his recent sex abuse trial - in which he was cleared of all charges - and start afresh in the European countryJackson, 46, is allegedly planning to build another extravagant theme park style home, in Brandenburg, near Berlin, where he and his three children will liveMichael's spokesman, Shawn Andrews, is quoted in Berlin newspaper the Berliner Morgenpost as saying: "Michael is a fan of Germany and has fallen in love with the city of Berlin"This is definitely not a PR gag Michael is really planning this"It is also rumoured that Michael's father Joe is planning to open a nightclub in Berlin so he can keep in regular contact with his troubled son if the proposed move goes aheadEarlier this week, it was revealed that Michael is set to sing at his dad's upcoming birthday party in the German capital The eccentric star will reportedly perform at Joe's 76th birthday bash taking place later this month Michael is believed to have offered to entertain guests at the party to thank his father for all the support he gave him during his child sex abuse trial

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