Michael Jackson wants to build a new Neverland in Britain.The singer, who is in London on business, revealed he loves the city and is considering a permanent move there.He told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm looking for a place to live. I've always liked the UK and I just love the fans here."Jackson plans to look at luxury apartments in the British capital and has set up a number of business meetings to try and re-launch his pop career.The eccentric 47-year-old star also revealed he will be travelling to Scotland and Ireland in search of a place to build a new Neverland.Jackson is currently working on material for a new album - the first since 'Invincible' in 2001.He has also been spending time with close friend Mohamed Al Fayed, the owner of the world famous department store Harrods.

Since being acquitted of 10 counts of child molestation last summer (05) Jackson has been residing in Bahrain with his children.

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