Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams has revealed how God told her to ditch her fiancé. The sexy singer had been dating the mystery lover for three years but once she felt ready to settle down with him, she sought advice from up above. She told Britain’s Mirror newspaper: "If one person is doing well, and another's trying to get there, it can be trying. Keep your morals and don't bend for anyone. "I was close to marriage. I prayed and said, 'God, you have to show me. If it ain't right, let me know.' All of a sudden, red flags started popping up." Although Michelle, 24, says she still has strong feelings for her ex-lover, she knew the relationship wasn’t right for her - because she hadn’t had enough life experience. She added: "He's still a good man... talented... but he just was not for me. "Sometimes you have to go through something to get to something. So I got to God. And I think it's part of growing pains because I had never been through nothing. I didn't know what it was to have a broken heart. My relationship was going great.

"But my mother always used to say, 'Keep on living and you're gonna go through something.' She sure did."

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