Mick Jagger has confessed he's scared of living in London. The Rolling Stone expresses his fear in new song 'Sweet Neo Con', which features the lyrics: "There's bombers in my bedroom/And it's giving me the s**ts" And he admits he has become even more terrified since the recent 7/7 terrorist bombings. Mick revealed: "It is a scary time. Since I wrote the song, London's gotten even scarier"'Rain Fall Down' is a song about London. It has a line, 'Feel like we're living in a battleground/Everyone's jazzed' That was in my head already "There were so many armed police in the streets Walking around, seeing machine guns, is not how you imagine London to be"The rocker is now worried the situation could get even worse before it gets any better.He told America's Rolling Stone magazine: "If we keep going down this track, we're not going to get back The same feeling is in 'Back of My Hand' - that we'll go too far, get away from our original values, and this overreaching imperialism will take us to a place where we eventually collapse"

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