Miley Cyrus, 15, is reportedly set to bare all in a new movie.The 'Hannah Montana' star - who caused controversy when she posed 'topless' for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine earlier this year - is said to be keen to be cast as the lead character in 'Undiscovered Gyrl', which is based on Allison Burnett's new novel.According to website MSNBC, the movie will almost definitely include nude scenes.A source said: "It is still early days, but Miley is really interested in the film, which follows the story of a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity. If she does get the part, you will be seeing a lot more of her than you did in the Vanity Fair photos - there would definitely be nude scenes."Meanwhile, Miley has revealed talented Disney actresses Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have no chance of being "the next Miley" because there is only one.She said: "People are looking up to what I do. But, I don't think there could be a next Miley. I think they should be the next Selena, Demi. Make their own way."The actress - the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus - also said she wanted her new album 'Breakout' to feature a more adult sound.

She added to US TV show 'Extra': "I wanted to embrace my older audience a little more, kind of taking shackles off and doing the music I wanted to do. There are the things I want to say to the world. I just want this to be a CD that you can let loose to and dance to and kind of forget all the crazy stuff!"

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