Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus loves London - because it has more gay people than she's ever seen.

The singer-and-actress loves performing in Europe because it is so "free" and her homosexual supporters are her favourite.

She said: "My favourite place to perform is London, because I have never seen more gay people in my whole life.

"When I go to London that's what it is. I feel like they are so much more open, much more than here in the US when they're feeling trapped, where it's like, 'Can I even say I believe in gay marriage? Can I say that my favourite fans are my gay fans? Am I allowed to say that, because half of America is still against it?'

"It's like, I just feel like when I go to Europe, I feel very free with my fan base."

The 20-year-old star - who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth - also admitted living her life in the public eye can be frustrating because she is criticised for things other people do in everyday life.

She explained: "The hardest thing is that people don't understand that they want to be the first to point the finger at you, but also, if you turn the camera around and you filmed their life and saw them driving and being angry in traffic, it'd be the same.

"With me, it's like, 'She's an unsafe driver!' Well, who doesn't get p***ed off in traffic? Everyone does.

"If you had a camera in your face, every normal thing that I do, you would be doing too and I think that's like the main thing people forget - that they do stuff all the time that they wouldn't want people to see either."