Moby has spoken of his horror after a man was brutally stabbed outside his New York tea shop.Father-of-one George Drescher, 40, died in a pool of blood after being stabbed in the eye and the chest by a homeless man who he confronted for throwing rubbish on the street.The tragic incident occurred outside Moby's popular vegan tea shop, Teany Café, and the dance ace admits, although he did not see the attack, he has been left traumatised by the incident.He said: "I am deeply upset by this random act of violence that took place right on our doorstep."While this is purely coincidental in location, we grieve for those affected by this misfortune."The incident was witnessed by two of Moby's employees. Waiter Roger Peffley said the man was left "with blood all over him."Amazingly, Teany Café worker Juliette claims passers-by did not stop to help the fatally injured Drescher, and some even tried to step over him in their rush to buy coffee.

She revealed: "A lot of people just stepped over him. I asked the cops to tape over the door because people kept asking, 'Can we get lattes?'"

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