Nelly Challenges Snoop And Co To Studio Basketball.Basketball fanatic Nelly has had a small court set up at his studio, so he can challenged fellow rappers to hoop games.The HOT IN HERRE hitmaker was a high school prospect in many sports, and he still likes to show off his athletic abilities in celebrity events, but it's behind the closed doors of his studio in St Louis, Missouri that he really shows off his basketball skills.Nelly admits he recently formed a three-man team to take on SNOOP DOGG and his posse in an effort to relax between working on projects with CHRISTINA AGUILERA, MARIAH CAREY and JANET JACKSON.He says, "I was in with Christina Aguilera in my studio and was going back and forth with Mariah."We had the basketball goal in there, we was hooping - me, my friend ALI and one of our partners against Snoop, NATE DOGG and somebody else."Everybody was chilling. We were in the studio, hooping like we outdoors."

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