Natalie Portman stunned movie makers after she started speaking fluent German on the set of her new movie. The 'Star Wars' actress surprised her co-workers when she revealed her word-perfect language skills on the Berlin set of forthcoming thriller, 'V For Vendetta'. A source said: "Natalie chatted and ordered meals in German .The Germans on the crew really loved her." Multi-lingual Natalie, who graduated from America's prestigious Harvard University two years ago, also speaks fluent French, Hebrew and Japanese. Last month, the 23-year-old actress, who launched her Hollywood career aged 11 in hit movie 'Leon', angered orthodox Jews after shooting a kissing scene in one of Jerusalem's holiest sites. Worshippers circled the movie beauty - who was born in Israel and has been continuing her education at Jerusalem's Hebrew University - after witnessing her film the romantic scene beside the sanctified Wailing Wall before forcing her to leave the area under a police escort. The actress said afterwards: "We weren't thinking. We shouldn't have done it."

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