Neve Campbell loves kissing other girls on screen.The sexy actress has smooched with a number of women in several different films - including a racy embrace with a champagne-covered Denise Richards in 'Wild Things' - and insists she enjoys getting hot and steamy with another actress.She said: "I think I've kissed girls in six movies I've made. It's a pattern that seems to have stuck."Neve claims her big screen lesbian antics have attracted a lot of unwanted attention.The brunette beauty admits her racy roles have made her a sex symbol, but the actress says she can't think of herself as a desirable female.She added to Britain's Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine: "Maybe I've had some of the wrong sort of attention, but I just can't think of myself as a sex symbol. I'm someone who pokes fun at myself, I don't go round thinking, 'Hey I'm beautiful.'"

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