Nicky Hilton has annoyed her big sister Paris by accepting an invitation to Nicole Richie's wedding. The brunette beauty has agreed to be part of Nicole's upcoming wedding to DJ Adam Goldstein - even though former best friends Paris and Nicole have fallen out and are no longer speaking. Nicky was quoted in Britain's Hello magazine as saying: "My friend Nicole Richie is engaged so I'm in the bridal party for that one"I've got some organising to do. I've never been to a bachelorette party so I don't know where to start"Paris, 24, recently released a statement saying: "It is no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends"So she is now reportedly furious with younger sibling Nicky, 23, for agreeing to go to the bash. A source said: "Nicky still likes Nicole and doesn't want to share Paris' feuds She says she feels like Cinderella being banned from the ball by her sister" Paris and Nicole - who have been best friends since school - reportedly fell out when Nicole played the hotel heiress's infamous sex video at a party.

Their show 'The Simple Life' was recently cancelled when they refused to make amends.

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