Nicole Kidman says the best thing about pregnancy is having bigger breasts.The slim star - who is expecting her first child with husband Keith Urban - has always wanted a more curvy figure and can't wait for her modest chest to fill out.She said: "Being pregnant, I'll have bigger boobs. That's one of the many good things I can think of that will come of it!"Nicole, 40, also hopes this baby will be the first of many for her and Keith.She said: "I just want to have this child safely and happily, and then we will see. Keith and I would really love to have a big family. But I'm so happy at the moment, I couldn't ask for anything more really."It's wonderful to have financial rewards and at the same time to be in a place where I can work as a woman in the things I want to do - and that's hard earned."I'm pleased to be in a place where I can just say, 'I have my home, I have my marriage and I'm able to follow an artistic path and still take care of myself and my family.' That's a very blessed place to be in."

Nicole - who has two adopted children, Connor and Isabella, with ex-husband Tom Cruise - is expected to give birth in July.

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