'Grease' star Olivia Newton-John had split with her missing American lover Patrick McDermott weeks before his disappearance, it has been alleged by a close family member. The nephew of the 56-year-old Australian singer, Emerson Newton-John, also branded McDermott a debt-ridden drunk who had been depressed for months before he disappeared during a fishing trip in California on June 30 this year. Emerson claimed the nine-year relationship between Olivia and McDermott "just naturally came to an end" when he began drinking heavily after ten years of sobriety. He said of his aunt, whom he calls 'Livvy': "Livvy saw it was not progressing. She knew he was drinking, she probably didn't want to deal with it"Olivia is said to have had no idea of the 48-year-old's financial troubles, including thousands in unpaid child support payments.Emerson added McDermott's depression lead to his disappearance, which he believes ended in a drunken accident, rather than suicide. He is quoted by Britain's Daily Express as saying: "It doesn't take much to fall off a boat and drown" Olivia's daughter, 19-year-old Chloe Lattanzi, announced recently that she will postpone the release of her debut Album, 'Lonely Nights in Paradise' until next year, following the mysterious disappearance of Patrick