Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez has reportedly been ordered to clean up his restaurant.

The French 'Taking Lives' actor - who is pressing charges against Canadian model Gabriel Aubry after they got into a violent fight on Thanksgiving morning (22.11.12) outside his fiancee Halle Berry's home - partly owns the well known eatery Villa Azur in Miami, Florida, which was cited for twenty violations during a routine inspection on November 16.

According to The Miami Herald newspaper, State inspectors uncovered 13 violations marked critical or "likely to directly contribute to food contamination and illness."

The violations included fish being served raw without undergoing parasite destruction, food being thawed in standing water, chopping boards being placed on the floor, food being stored on the floor and staff handling ready-to-eat food without sanitary gloves.

Another seven violations were deemed "noncritical."

The 46-year-old actor's restaurant opened last spring with partners Michael Martin, the ex-VIP host at nightclubs Bash and Mynt, and Nikki Beach group big Jean Philippe Bernard amid huge excitement.

A spokesperson for the Villa Azur Magda Afif dismissed the report, saying: "The kitchen is very clean. We follow all the rules and regulation. We did have an inspection, but the inspector found no major violation."

Meanwhile Olivier is set to appear in court on December 13 relating to his recent fight with Gabriel - who is the father of Halle Berry's four-year-old daughter Nahla.

The pair came to blows when Gabriel was dropping off Nahla and while both were taken to hospital, Gabriel was charged with battery and bail was set at $20,000.

Halle immediately got a restraining order against her model ex-boyfriend following the incident and he is now temporarily banned from going within 100 yards of her, Nahla or Olivier.