Orlando Bloom hugged an angry stalker who broke into his hotel room.A woman recently managed to gain entry to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star's room, but instead of being scared or angry, quick-thinking Orlando calmly consoled her.He told Gotham magazine: "To be honest, I don't want to share this with you because if I were that person reading this, I'd feel so embarrassed."She got kind of aggressive with me and was really angry. She was like, 'I've been at every premiere and you never say hello.'"And it was funny, I felt really upset. I felt bad for her. So I turned around and went over to her and just gave her a hug and said, 'It's cool. I'm sorry you feel let down or disappointed. But the nature of my life is I can't necessarily stop every time, and it's not because I don't want to.'"I think she felt a little better afterwards, and so did I. And for me, it actually shed a little light on the other side of the coin."

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