Ozzy Osbourne has revealed how he thought the bat - whose head he infamously bit off - was a toyHe confessed: "A fan threw it on stage and I thought it was a toyIt must have been stunned by the lights because it looked dead when I picked it upI put it in my mouth as a joke.Its wings started flapping and I ripped it out of my mouth but its head came off!".

The reality TV star also revealed how he feared he had caught rabies from the animal and had to be hospitalised.He said: "The worst part was the anti-rabies injections in my backside.They were so painful!"

Earlier this year, the ageing heavy metal singer confessed to trying to kill his wife Sharon while high on drugs.

He said: "The worst thing I did was trying to kill Sharon I got busted for strangling her and when I woke up in prison I didn't have a clue why I was there When the policeman read me the charge, I freaked out".

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