Ozzy Osbourne has slammed Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty for wasting his life on drugs.The reality TV star - who has battled drug and alcohol problems in the past - says he's angry Pete, who was recently dumped by supermodel Moss, doesn't seem to understand the repercussions of his wild lifestyle.Ozzy said: "I get angry seeing this little f***ing junkie, Pete Doherty."Doesn't he realise that if he carries on he's gonna die?"The star has also spoken out about his drunken antics with fans in his wilder days - and says he would never sleep with a groupie again.Ozzy also admitted wife Sharon gets more love offers than he does now.He revealed: "When the thought of sex finally filtered through the haze of booze, all the good-looking groupies had gone home.

"You'd wake up and there'd be this thing lying there looking like something Picasso had painted on a bad day."

"I still get offers now but I'm not interested. Sharon gets propositioned more than I do."

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