Glamorous socialite Paris Hilton has refuted allegations that she profited from her now infamous sex tape, One Night In Paris.The "House of Wax" actress asserts that she didn't support the release of steamy video with her ex lover Rick Solomon to made more cash. According to the latest tabloids, she is quoted as saying in GQ magazine:"I never received a dime from it. It's just dirty money and he should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something."She's also apparently disclosed that she has inherited her attractive features from her mum and that all her male mates find Mrs Hilton stunning.She divulged: "My mum is so hot. All my guy friends love her and want her."The 25 year old American based celeb regularly goes out on the town with her mother, and also stated that she is motivated by her parents' strong marriage and is focused on waiting until she finds her soulmate before getting hitched herself.She concluded:"My parents are cool and it's cool that they've been together for so long."I want to find someone like my dad as he loves my mum so much. They've never spent a night apart since they married."

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