Paris Hilton's medical condition is still being "assessed" in prison. The hotel heiress, who has been transferred to a medical wing at California's Century Regional Detention Centre, in Lynwood, after spending four days in Los Angeles' hospital jail Twin Towers Correctional Facility, is said to be "stable".However, Paris' undisclosed medical condition is still being monitored. Los Angeles County Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore said: "Her assessment is ongoing, but her condition is still stable."From here, it will be determined by medical staff whether an inmate can be moved back into the original module (cell block) where they were before. I don't know when that day will be, it's a day-by-day situation." Whitmore also announced Paris will still be eligible for early release.He said: "Ms. Hilton has been cooperative since her incarceration. Her good time/work time credit is accruing."

The 26-year-old blonde's 45-day sentence was cut to 23 for good behaviour before she first entered prison last month.

However, her full sentence was reinstated after a judge overruled the decision to release Paris early on medical grounds.

Meanwhile, Paris was visited by her sister Nicky, Nicky's boyfriend David Katzenberg and family friend Julie Araskog, at the weekend.

As they left, Nicky was reportedly seen leaving a small, unidentified red package with correction officers.

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