PARIS SAYS NO TO BOOB JOBS & TATTOOSTrend-setting socialite PARIS HILTON has dealt a blow to America's tattoo artists and cosmetic surgeons by insisting skin art is "unoriginal" and boob jobs are "gross." The hotel heiress, who coined the year's top phrase, 'That's hot,' is urging young women to think twice about going under the knife to boost their boobs - because it's no longer fashionable to have enhanced breasts.She says, "When I was younger, like 16, I wanted them so bad. I was begging my dad, like, 'Can I get a boob job?'"When I turned 18, I was like, 'I'm not getting them. They look deformed.' All my friends that have them, they look so gross. I'd rather not have any and not have to wear a bra." And she's just as scathing about girls who opt to get their bodies tattooed - like her sister NICKY. She adds, "They look cool on some people, but I don't want any. Plus, I'd get sick of them. (They're) so cheesy, so unoriginal. Every girl I know has one, even my sister."

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