Paris Hilton has designed a range of jewellery for dogs.The star, who has a pooch called Tinkerbell, has designed the chic canine collars because people admire her dog's style like they do her own. She said: "In addition to my own sense of style, I think a lot of people admire Tinkerbell's look as well, which is why I decided to include a pet collar as part of the new collection." The necklace-like collar, which can be bought for around £10, features a simple chain and crystal pendant in the shape of a bone. However, Paris' love of dogs almost proved fatal recently. She was out walking with her dog when she was nearly run over by a car. The hotel heiress, who was holding Tinkerbell in one hand and her phone in the other, was said to have walked blindly across the street, only to be blasted by horns from the oncoming traffic. An onlooker said that as she made it to the pavement she jumped into a pensioner on the sidewalk who promptly gave her a good telling off.

A witness said: "She told her to put the 'damn phone' away and that if she were her daughter she'd have given her a good hiding."

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