HILTON RISKS FINE AFTER FEEDING PIGEONSPARIS HILTON faces a $95 (£50) fine after feeding pigeons on the streets of London - because Mayor KEN LIVINGSTONE has banned the generous activity.The hotel heiress arrived in the British capital on Monday (16MAY05) to promote her own brand of perfume, and wiled away her spare time throwing pieces of bread to the famished birds in Trafalgar Square.She says, "I'd live here if it had Los Angeles weather. I just love feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square; I could do that forever. I even prefer it to going shopping."However, THE SIMPLE LIFE star has prompted Livingstone's spokesman to warn her of the financial penalty attached to her illegal act of kindness.He says, "There's a bylaw that makes it illegal for any person to either feed any bird or distribute any feeding stuffs for birds unless approved by the Mayor of London."

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