Paris Hilton is releasing her own range of mobile phone games.The hotel heiress has put her name to a series of on-the-go games and admits she is thrilled fans will be able to get their hands on a pixelated version of herself.She said: "Mobile gaming is really hot right now, and I'm excited to be part of this project."According to the games' publisher, Gameloft, the first title in the series will be a puzzler "geared to teens and fans of Paris Hilton".Paris isn't the only celebrity to endorse and appear in a computer game.50 Cent and actor Vin Diesel have both been turned into characters in violent gun adventures, while pop babe Britney Spears starred in the arcade title 'Britney's Dance Beat'.Gamers could choose to listen to one of the singer's hits and perform a host of dancefloor-busting moves in time to the music.

Paris' games are to be released worldwide this summer.

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