Paris Hilton has been spotted canoodling with MTV Latin America star Eglantina Zing - while her boyfriend, Simon Rex, was in the same room. Onlookers claim the hotel heiress smooched with Zing, who is a friend and colleague of Rex, at Miami's Rok Bar whenever her lover wasn't looking. One revealed: "Paris was very keen on Eglantina, who wasn't exactly complaining." Paris, who recently split from Backstreet Boys heartthrob Nick Carter, and Rex have been on a string of dates since they were spotted canoodling in August at Miami's Mansion nightclub. Rex will even play the sexy socialite's on-screen lover in her new movie. The MTV star recently landed a role opposite Paris in upcoming film 'National Lampoon's Pledge This!', in which Paris plays a sorority girl called Victoria. Paris recently revealed she lets her pet dog, Tinkerbell, choose her boyfriends. The blonde beauty admitted if her teacup Chihuahua approved of a man, she would consider him a worthy suitor. She said: "Tink has a big say. If she likes a guy, I know they're good. I'd go out with a guy who was really funny and honest - or someone Tinkerbell really liked."

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