'Star Trek' actor Patrick Stewart has appeared in public for the first time with girlfriend Lisa Dillon - who is 39 years his junior. The Hollywood actor, 64, and Dillon, 25, have been together for almost a year, but previously kept their relationship a secret, due to concerns over people's attitudes to their age gap. However, the couple were spotted together on Monday night (08.11.04), attending a West End play in London, and happily stopped to pose for photographers.

The pair first met while working in the theatre last summer, when Dillon auditioned for a part in a production of Ibsen's 'The Master Builder', which also starred Stewart. In October 2003, shortly after the play's run had finished, the actor announced his second marriage to television producer Wendy Neuss was over. Stewart - who has also starred in both 'X-Men' films - immediately sold his house in Los Angeles and began dating the young actress. The couple now share a home in London and Dillon admits she has never been happier.

She said: "Patrick is a brilliant, wonderful, gorgeous man. Some people think the difference in our ages says something about him, or us, or me. But to us it's never been an obstacle."

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