Pete Doherty's Family: 'Jail Pete'The family of troubled rocker Pete Doherty are desperate to see their wayward loved one jailed once and for all, after seeing pictures of him purportedly injecting himself and an unconscious fan with heroin.The Babyshambles frontman has blasted British newspaper The Sun for printing the images, claiming they were "staged".But Doherty's closest relatives have condemned his behaviour, and are urging British authorities to take action against him.Doherty's mother Jacqui broke down in tears after seeing the shot, and the singer's father and sister have cut him out of their lives completely.The 27-year-old's uncle Philip Michels says, "Why the courts haven't thrown him in jail yet is beyond me."I hope they are as disgusted by these pictures as me and next time he is thrown in jail for at least a year. It's for his own good if he's ever going to get off heroin.

"To damage your own health is one thing but to put a needle into someone else, a girl already out of it on drugs, is disgusting. Jacqui was sobbing her heart out.

"His sister Amy Jo doesn't want anything to do with him. His dad Peter is furious."

An unnamed friend of the singer sold the images to the newspaper, claiming they had been taken over the past five weeks. Doherty was arrested for the sixth time in as many months last week (21April 2006) on suspicion of possessing drugs, only hours after he was sentenced to an 18-month drug rehabilitation programme by a London judge.

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