Actress Portia De Rossi developed anorexia while starring in Ally Mcbeal, because she used co-star Calista Flockhart and the other thin women on the show as her role models. The actress hit her lowest point in 1999, when she starved herself down to a life-threatening 82 pounds (37 kilograms). She reveals in the April issue of Vogue magazine, "I've often wondered if I wasn't on that show if it (anorexia) may not have happened. "I didn't really know at that point what it was like to be a celebrity, and the only people I knew at the time who had a similar experience were these women whom I worked with. "They became my role models." The actress decided to come clean about her anorexia with the help of her girlfriend, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. She adds, "We've talked a lot about this. I'm not proud of this struggle. "(While anorexic) it just seemed like I literally wanted to disappear. And now I would like to reappear."

Meanwhile Amanda Bynes Blasts Reports Of Eating Disorder
Actress Amanda Bynes is slamming reports she had an eating disorder, insisting her dramatic weight loss was the result of an illness.

The actress lost a significant amount of weight last year (05), sparking fears she had developed an unhealthy diet regime.

But she explains, "I came back from Lovewrecked and started feeling really tired and I couldn't keep weight on.

"It turns out I had mononucleosis. It's unrealistic to be that thin.

"The only girls who are (that thin) have admitted to using drugs or having an eating disorder.

"I'm so against it. People should strive to be happy with who they are and not be obsessed with how they look."

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