Puff Daddy is set to release his own range of luxury cars.The rapper, real name Sean Coombs, will add the vehicles to his already extensive merchandise empire, which includes music marketing and product marketing companies, a clothing range, and two restaurants. The star will produce 150 "pimped up" cars, costing £100,000 each, for which customers will receive a customised 4x4 Lincoln Navigator. The 'extras' Puffy has added include six television screens, DVD player, Playstation 2, crystal decanter and satellite navigation. Puffy, famed for his bling-bling style, will add his personal touch to the cars with a signed badge on the bonnet and personalised umbrella. The rap star is renowned for his lavish lifestyle. Earlier this year, it was reported he planned to but one of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's struggling London theatres for £50 million and was hoping to convert the theatre into a nightclub.

A source said: "He wants to remodel it as the classiest club in London. No expense will be spared."

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