Reese Witherspoon has been blasted by one of Hollywood's top directors, as one of the rudest women in the industryHe revealed: "She's a dick, I was at a party and my friend Joey said, 'Hey Reese - I just wanted to say congratulations, I think you'll do really great with the part', and Reese just gave her this dead-eyed look and was like 'Whatever?' What a douche-bag!".He added in an interview with Britain's Maxim magazine: "At this point she wasn't even Reese Witherspoon that everybody mistakenly knows and loves. To have that kind of attitude back then - I guess she was meant for stardom."Last month, Reese was left fearing for her own safety after being cornered by paparazzi photographers as she left a gym.The stunning actress has filed a police report claiming false imprisonment against the shutterbugs after they surrounded her car and prevented her from leaving while they snapped away furiously. Witherspoon had just finished a gruelling session at the exclusive Brentwood Gym, in Los Angeles, when the ugly incident occurred.A source close star revealed: "Her trainer had to help her get past the paparazzi so she could get into her car Then they boxed her in on all sides."

"Witherspoon eventually managed to pull away but was immediately pursued by around six vehicles who according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department were "driving aggressively and almost cutting her off at times"

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